About Chris

Let’s Reach Your Goals Together

Chris was a successful executive that worked in a corporate affiliated environment for more than 25 years. Despite his achievements and having a fulfilling career, Chris felt that he wanted to explore new passions and test the waters in a new career path. Chris knew this is what he had to do but he did not know where to begin.

Chris took action by taking inventory on his skills, interests outside of work and sought help from mentors and professionals he respected. Through these exercises and investing in workshops and further research, he was able to reinvent himself by and start multiple businesses. The first of which was teaching earlier stage business owners and professional about sound financial management and building systems to increase profitability.

Like anything worth doing, Chris was faced with many challenges in pivoting careers after 25+ years. Going through elements of what is now, Made For More, he was able to start blending his skills and passions which have now stretched various businesses and lead to creating many new relationships. Chris proved that it is never too late to pursue your passions and make further difference in the world. With the right mindset, answering the right questions and mentorship your desired future is possible.